For Via Ferrata good hiking shoes are necessary!

Via Ferrata equipment can be rented for the day for CHF 30.00. This includes the harness, helmet and the via ferrata safety lanyard. Everyone renting must weigh between 40kgs and 120kgs and need to be at least 145cm tall. (90-260 pounds and 4.7 feet or 57 inch)

We recommend wearing gloves, if you have bike gloves, they work great. Due to Covid, we are not renting gl0ves at the moment.

Good hiking shoes are mandatory. We can not rent equipment to anyone that is not in sturdy footwear. Trainers, Sneakers, running shoes, lightweight shoes, ON-running, etc. are not adequate enough for the via ferrata. If thick soled, thick treaded hiking shoes are not being worn, these must be rented for CHF 20,- If we deem the footwear inadequate, we will refuse rental of the via ferrata kit unless shoes are rented.

Weather conditions can change very fast in the mountains. Whenever, on our forecast or radar, there is rain on the way, we will not be able to rent out gear as the course gets slippery and dangerous when wet. If afternoon thunderstorms are forecasted, no rental gear will be given out if we feel there is not enough time to complete the course safely. If the course is too slippery due to previous rain, we may also deem the course too dangerous and will refuse rental.

Though we try to eliminate as many risks as possible, the via ferrata still has it’s dangers and the final liability falls upon the renter, not Stäger Sport. All persons under the age of 18 will need a consent form filled in by their parents/legal guardians. We can email the form to you if you are in need of it.

We reserve the right to refuse rental at any time, if, for any reason, we feel any circumstances inadequate.
Because of Covid, the equipment needs to be brought back to the shop in Mürren.

Please be sure to have drinking water with you, a small backpack with some essentials is highly recommended. The course takes an estimated 2.5-3.5hrs (based on groups of ca. 4persons). Further information can be found on

We recommend that you reserve the equipment by phone or email so that we can make sure we have enough available.


Please be aware that the bike path from Mürren down to Lauterbrunnen is a loose gravel road which is pretty steep downhill. We only recommend going, if you are an experienced mountainbiker, because it is certainly not easy and constantly downhill, no flat areas.

In case you have seen the Rick Steve video/article, it is very misleading and not correct, lots of people getting trapped with it.

The other option would be to rent bikes in Lauterbrunnen, there is a big bike shop there, and you can ride through the valley on the valley floor, which is flat, but very scenic and beautiful, especially in spring with all the waterfalls.

Prices are the same, full day rental for a bike including a helmet is 40,- half a day would be 30,-

Also if you rent down there you don’t need to pay for a cable car ticket for your bike, to bring it back up.

In case it is raining that day, or not safe enough to go, we reserve the right to refuse rental at any time on our judgement. Also you would need good shoes, no flipflop.